I am a weirdo… but working in the restaurant industry you need to be a little bit screwed up in the head.

Anyone who is willing to work a professional chef’s hours, in such a hot and intense environment has to have some strange coping mechanisms, and have a serious love of food.

I am in some ways your typical chef: using swear words as adverbs, adjectives and verbs. The typical chef’s knife fetish, as my collection of knives is forever growing. Most chefs can vouch for this – we are much nicer people once we have had coffee.

Ever since I was young I have loved being in the kitchen. Making meringues with my grandmother, baking cakes and biscuits with my mom, helping my dad prepare supper are all reasons why I have pursued being a chef as a career.

I used to be a very fussy eater – different foods were not allowed to touch each other (generally placed on separate plates), only eating the egg white and discarding the yolk, and the most disgusting delicacy I loved was popcorn soaked in a glass of cold water – I absolutely loved it.

Good news: my tastes have become more refined since then, (thank goodness!)

When I decided I wanted to become a chef, people laughed and said that I am too fussy to become a chef. So the mission was: PROVE THEM WRONG! From that day forth I decided to eat, or at least try everything that is placed in front of me.

I studied for three years at the Institute of Culinary Arts, and have worked at some of the top restaurants in South Africa such as Terroir and Waterkloof. I am presently working at a beautiful lodge located in the Kruger National Park

This blog is to share some of my simple yet flavorsome dishes which I prepare at home. No frills and no fuss. You may learn a few kitchen tricks along the way and I will share some quirky anecdotes from my life thus far.

I hope you enjoy my collection of eats and treats, and it motivates you to play with your food.

To many happy days in the kitchen and some awesome food…

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